Sunday, 19 July 2009


Today we went to Stonehenge and Winchester. Stonehenge is really big and now I know why everyone wants to see it so badly. It is enourmous, it also makes you wonder how they put the stones on top of the ones that are standing upright! I wanted to go behind the ropes, but I don't think I would agree with jail time, lol. It was really fun to see all the people taking funny pictures in front of the stones. It was very windy and it rained, so if you go, take a raincoat and a jacket! After that, we went to Winchester and walked around the Winchester Cathedral. It was very large and beautiful. There was so much to look at. Jane Austen is buried there and there is a window that was donated in her memory. The Winchester Bible is also there, but we did not get to look at it because it was locked up. We went to Jane Austens' house and took a picture of the front of it, she only lived there six weeks before she died. We also got to see a small portion of ruins from a castle. "King Arthur's Round Table", is hanging on the wall of the Great Hall. It names all of the knights on the edge of the table. There is also a statue of Queen Victoria on her throne. The town of Winchester was very impressive with so many awe inspiring places to visit. (This picture is found at

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