Thursday, 23 July 2009

British Museum

Tuesday, we went to the British Museum. We did not have an appointment there but we did go around the museum and look around. I love museums, they just have so much wonderful stuff to see! At the British Museum, we did not go to the Reading Room that we had hoped to go see because they are remodeling it, so it will be closed for two years. However, that did not stop us from seeing some really great stuff. On one floor, there was the Rosetta Stone, it was bigger than I thought it would be. We also got to see mummies which I thought was cool because I have never seen one before, t.v. does not count! We got to see a room dedicated to Asia and another for Africa, Europe and China. It was a really great museum, if you get to go admission is free! We also got to take a picture of King's Cross Station at 9 3/4. That was fun to get to take a picture there, the wall has a cart stuck in it to look like it is passing through, it's very neat. (This picture is provided by

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