Thursday, 23 July 2009

Curry and Brick Lane!

On Monday a few girls and I went to Brick Lane. It is a very interesting place to go. We ate at a place called The Nazrul. It is a Tandoori and Balti restaurant. It is so good. I had never tried that kind of food before, so I decided to eat some prawn curry. It was so delicious. If you are ever on Brick Lane, check that place out, it's worth it. After we went to The Nazrul, we went shopping, well, the other girls did, but I just browsed. There are a lot of cool vintage shops down that way. Some clothes were really awesome looking and others, not so much, like, if that fashion died, it was for a reason. :) Like I said though, some of the clothes were great, nice shoes, purses, hats. It was a really fun day. Go to Brick Lane sometime and do some shopping and eat some curry! (This picture provided by

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