Thursday, 16 July 2009

Museum of London

On Wednesday, our class went to the Museum of London located in the Barbican. Our tour was lead by a man named Jon Cotton. He is a nice man who is very interested in the pre-history of London. He gave us some information on the museum before we got started and it was very interesting. When we got into the museum itself, there was so much cool stuff to see! There are exhibits on early tools used by the people of this area. There are animal skulls of early animals as well. Further into the museum there is an exhibit about the Great Fire of London in 1666. That one was probably my favorite because it was very informative; I did not realize that the fire destroyed as much land as it did. It was extremely devastating for London at that time. There was a video that chronicled the devastation and how the fire started. Also, after the fire, the people of London decided to sell fire insurance. Before the fire, people did not have this insurance so they had to pay to have their homes rebuilt. There were not very many homes rebuilt the year after the fire. Also after the fire, the people were required to douse their fires with water before they went to bed. In the other parts of the museum, there is an exhibit about the Romans and how they influenced early London. There is also a part of the Roman wall that is outside of the museum, it is amazing how long it has been standing there! (This photo was retrieved from

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