Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Dublin, Ireland!

On Wednesday 29, Allie, Melissa, Emily and I headed out to Dublin, Ireland. We arrived that afternoon and went to our hotel rooms and left our suitcases. We all decided to eat at a place called the Bad A** Grill. It was really good, I had a calzone that was so cheesy. After that, Allie and Melissa were tired so they stayed at the hotel. Emily and I decided that we wanted to explore Dublin so we checked out the Temple Bar area and found the Hard Rock Cafe. The Temple Bar area is the "tourist trap" that the locals don't bother with. We found this most wonderful gellato place. So tasty! The next day we went on a day trip to the Wicklow Mountains. It was so pretty in that area, it was a little scary though because our tour guide told us that we should be careful so we didn't fall into the bogs. He told us if we had fallen in, we would be found in 3,ooo years and could be put into a museum. :) There were corpses that were found in the bogs that were in a museum that Emily and I visited later in Dublin. It was very neat how preserved the bodies were. They were brownish red because of the color of the mud the bodies were in. We also got to see Guinness Lake from up in the mountains. It was a beautiful view from up there. About two days after we arrived, we met up with Jessica and went to different museums and libraries and churches around Dublin. We got to visit Trinity College and see the book of Kells and the Long Hall. It was fantastic. There were other books as old and older than the Book of Kells as well. The Long Hall had all sorts of books and other items on display. I had a great time in Ireland. I would love to go there again one day. (This picture was obtained from

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