Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Destination: Dalkeith!

On Sunday 26, we departed London at King's Cross Station for Edinburgh, Scotland. We took a long long train ride to Edinburgh and then took a bus for Dalkeith Palace. It was only about twenty five minutes outside Edinburgh and is a lovely place. It was slightly cold, but it is a very old building built in 1701. They were in the process of remodeling the outside of the Palace. The Palace is very large with enough rooms to get lost in. There were not very many shower stalls for all those girls but we made it just fine. I shared a room with Chai and Nicole both of whom are very good roomies! The first day in the castle we were given a tour of the Palace. They had a cabinet with things previous students had left behind for other students to use and they called it the "Walgreens Cabinet". I thought that was very nice of them to let us use the items in the cabinet. Dalkeith was an awesome place to stay and my favorite part of the Palace was the movie room. There were tons of movies to choose from. The first night I came in the middle of Pulp Fiction but I stayed because it was pretty funny. The next night Chris and I watched Miss Congeniality, I love that movie, Sandra Bullock is great! :) I also had a really good pasty at a local place in Dalkeith, it was super cheesey, but it was really good. On the first night in Scotland, it was Chai's birthday so we went to eat at an Italian restaurant. Mmm... Italian! I also ate at the Hard Rock Hotel Cafe, I love that place. All the rock memorabilia is just great. I had a wonderful time in Scotland I would love to be able to go back one day soon! (This picture is retrieved from www.georgesnyder.org.)

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