Thursday, 27 August 2009

Hello, Colin Farrel!

On Friday 7, Chris and I decided to roam around London. It was a good, but long walking day. We started out at the Sherlock Holmes Museum. That was interesting, because everything in the museum dealt with the characters from the series. It was a three story building and it cost four pounds to get in. Not a bad price for a quaint little museum. We also visited a few music shops in the area such as the Beatles store and an all Elvis shop. That was pretty cool, I have a picture in front of the Elvis statue. :) After that we went to Abbey Road, or tried to for about forty-five minutes, lol. We walked in the opposite direction from the way we were supposed to walk. We finally figured it out though and took some pictures on the strip where the Beatles took their famous picture. After that we were going to go on a tour of Buckingham Palace but we got there too late to get tickets. But that's ok, I'll just have to go back one day! :) Later that night we had to attend the Research Symposium. That was nice and we all had to dress up. When it was over we went to eat at a place called Giraffe for Nicole's birthday. It was a pretty good place to eat. After we ate Chris and I walked around near the river for a while and we ran into Natalie. Natalie mentioned that there was a set near the Globe Theatre where Colin Farrell was going to shoot a scene for his new movie. He actually showed up while we were sitting there! It was the most awesome night I have had in a long time! I was so thrilled that I actually got to see him shooting that scene. Talk about fabulous! I got a slightly good picture of him, but I couldn't get a really good one, but I think they thought I was paparazzi or something. Oh, well, a fuzzy photo is better than no photo! :) (This picture is from

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