Tuesday, 25 August 2009

National Library of Scotland and the Central Library

On Monday 27, we took a class tour to the National Library of Scotland. The tour was not very long, it took about ten minutes and she was done. I did like the exhibit of the Scottish immigrants who left Scotland for America. There were old suitcases that held papers and letters of the immigrants to their families back in Scotland. The really neat part were the telephones in the suitcases that allowed one to listen to a Scottish person detail the accounts of what life was like after they moved to America. There were also some clothes of the time period behind glass. It was a cool display, and our guide was friendly, but I wish the tour could have lasted a little longer. A little later in the afternoon, we met across the street and took a tour of the Central Library, which is a Carnegie Library. This library was built in 1886 after Andrew Carnegie donated a large amount of money so that people could have a free library. That tour was very thorough and I enjoyed it. My tour guide was very enthusiastic and seemed happy to show us around. She showed us the music library which is a favorite of the teenagers. It is a very popular part of the library. However, it, and the children's library is not in the actual library at the moment but there are plans to place those in the main library. This library tour was my favorite one because the people in the library were so friendly and helpful. That was a pleasant day for me. (This picture is from www.staceyslondonventure.blogspot.com.)

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