Tuesday, 25 August 2009

National Archives

On Tuesday 28, we took a tour of the National Archives building. It is a very large building that was finished in the 1820's. It is the one of the oldest custom built government archive buildings still in continous use in the world. It is one of three different buildings that hold information about the people of Scotland. Our guide, Ms. McBride, showed us some great books that had details about land that was bought in the Mississippi and Louisiana region. It was important to have this book because it showed where someone, mainly someone who immigrated to America, was at a certain period of time. It was really neat to see some of the places not far from my house in a land acquisition book in Scotland, it was very strange, but neat. The Archives building is also equipped with computers for patrons who are interested in searching for their geneaology. The staff are trained to help patrons who need help in their searching.

(This photo is retrieved from http://www.scotsfamily.com/.)

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